African fashion costumes from the African continent and across the world have evolved along the years.  Colors has a lot to do with both African fashion costumes and western world fashion costumes.

In Fashion costumes, Fashion Designs and Fashion styles, a unique collection of your choice of colors in every costume or clothing, is what brings out the elegance and uniqueness of the costume or fashion clothing.  Blending the right colors together in your wears and outfits, will always give you a new outlook of Class and uniqueness of the reflection of the costumes or fashion styles or fashion clothing.


Colors in all shades blends together to create and make a beautiful costume, gown, dress or outfit.

Let’s talk about how to choose and Blend colors in Fashion with excellence and uniqueness. 

As a fashion designer, a fashion brand influencer, a fashion stylist and a fashion costumier, I see the uniqueness of Fashion in colors of styles, trends and designs in both African fashion costumes and western world Fashion costumes and Styles. 

Dark colors compliments light colors in clothing styles and trends.  colors like deep blue or light blue or royal purple will blend and match perfectly with golden yellow or bright sunflower yellow color in a clothing style or fashion designs. Both colors represent royalty and honor, for all occasions and events.  red represents passion, love, romance and affection. Red will match perfectly with white, white represents purity, love, emotional, and is usually used for wedding gowns, and Love and marriage ceremonies and Celebrations, so it blends perfectly with passion red in clothing and fashion costumes and fashion styles. Wine color, cream color, which is also used for bridal celebrations or burgundy color will also blend perfectly together, for bridal events and all other occasions.

Colors in Fashion

Pink, green, orange, violet, cream, velvet will match perfectly with black, and white will blend perfectly with black, for all occasions, corporate or regular celebrations. There is a saying that, every Lady, has a little black date dress, although, it might not be every lady’s favorite, but black is a versatile color which blends and matches up with every color, yellow with blend with black, polka dot black and white will be perfect for every occasion or events.

Casual wears like blue jeans or black jeans for women and men, will blend together with white designed t-shirts, polo shirts, or any casual designed color sleeveless shirts or full-size shirts. 

Clothing in fabrics or materials like lace, African textiles, Ghana Kente textile, chiffon, nylon, cotton, polyester or tie and dye always needs quality blended colors to bring out the elegance, beauty, light, creativity and uniqueness in it. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, the next time, you are planning for that special love date, bridal celebrations, birthdays celebrations, anniversaries of marriage engagements and weddings and all kinds of events and occasions, always feel confident and comfortable in your outfits, and let your confidence reflect in the beauty and elegance of the outfit or clothes that you are wearing.  When you wear an outfit or clothing, feeling uncomfortable and not so confident in it, the outlook of the outfit does not reflect the touch of elegance and beauty, because the Person wearing it, feels uncomfortable in it and therefore, She or he is not able to portray the clothing or outfit in a gorgeous way through the outfit. 

African Fashion

So, to All my ladies and gentlemen, and to All my runway fashion and beauty pageantry models as well, colors should add something new, beautiful, and a unique difference in Your outfit, gowns or dresses, shirts, jeans, jumpsuits, jumpers, pants, polo shirts, office shirts, professional suits, corporate suits, stylish coats, jeans coats, leather coats, winter jackets, cardigans, sweaters and so on.

Accessories always complete your outfits, no matter which kind of event or occasion, you are planning to do, accessories from jewelry, to belts, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, watches, chains, designed rings, hair ribbons, men’s ties or bowties, ladies Handbags, gents’ wallets, ladies’ heels and shoes, gentleman’s shoes for all events and so on.

African fashion costumes are perfect for all occasions and events, either professional, casual or bridal celebrations.  “African Fashion, Creativity at it’s best “ “Remember to dress how You want to be Addressed”


Linda Nimakoh
Author: Linda Nimakoh
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