Fashion for Auditions in modeling shows, beauty pageants, films and movies, tv and radio media interviews, talent shows auditions in music and acting, requires a special kind of look, appearance and outfit, because first impressions are always very important! Most of the time, people are get to the audition grounds and place feeling so nervous even about whether they look right or they will answer the questions, they are being asked properly. Getting yourself well prepared in what you will wear and how you will wear it and feel confident and comfortable in it, whiles performing on stage is very important.  Whiles you are working on your talents, skills and gifts, consistently and persistently for perfection, you need to find out what will be the best outfit or attire for you to wear to attend, the audition, depending on what kind of audition, you will be attending. 

However, if you have not been given any specific dress code for the audition, then you will need to go in your best brand professional wear, for your audition, in your fashion modeling audition, beauty pageants contest auditions, music auditions, movies and films acting auditions, tv and radio media journalism auditions, dancing and singing auditions, comedy, sitcoms and short stories and more. What you wear to that first audition, and how confident and comfortable you are in them and how well prepared you will perfect your talents, skills and gifts, determines how successful you will be and be chosen on that day through your first impression to the judges.


your big first day audition should be very impressive! If you are auditioning for a fashion runway modeling or beauty pageant modeling, or films and movies acting, tv and radio, then you need to wear something very casual, light, uniquely stylish and classy, but at the same time, very professional, no shabby dressing! Feel comfortable, confident and elegant when you approach the judges. Feel free in your spirit and within yourself, and don’t think too much of how you might get certain things or certain questions wrong.  Be very positive, it will create a positive atmosphere around you and you will not feel any nervousness even if you are not so sure about the answers that you are giving to your audience!


One of things confidence does for everyone, both women and men is that, it brings out the best in you when you are still not even sure about your performance whiles on stage. Just give out your best in what you will say and do on what you have already being practicing consistently and persistently whiles you were preparing for the audition. Let your confidence shine within yourself in what you will say, what you will do and how you will do it with excellence and unique skills. Always remember that, your uniqueness is what makes you stand out of the crowd! The difference you bring to the table on your first audition is what will move you to the next level of that great audition! Do not miss out in trying new creative ways in doing things in your talents, gifts and skills. That is how you find your unique special inabilities that, sets you apart from the crowd! You have something very special in you, that only you, can do it in a very unique different way! Find it today through your creativity and passion and make a difference through your talents, skills and gifts in the next audition, that you will be attending to get you in to a great career of passion and creativity! There is nothing more wonderful and fulfilling, than doing something that you love with so much passion as a lifetime career or profession! Be determined to excel in all your talents, gifts and skills, through which your potentials will be established! Ladies and gentlemen, wear your outfit with elegance and confidence and be uniquely stylish and creative with it! Get some learning skills from your talents mentors and watch how they dress and follow the professional trend on what you are to wear and how you are to wear what you want to wear, and compliment your dressing with the right casual beautiful unique accessories to look your very best on your first impression day! Your success is in your preparation! Prepare well in your talents and skills and put out your best quality performance out there on that day!

Remember to Dress, How You want to be addressed!

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