Hello Beautiful and Lovely People, It is said, that Beautiful People are happy People. Beauty is also found in the eyes of the Beholder.

African Fashion is Unique and Beautiful in its colors and designs.

Fashion is Africa! I have seen a lot of Fashion Trends across the world, But African designed creative designs either in regular casual wears and occasional wears for different events, are Just so different and so beautiful! Fashion is something, that Africans are Experts of in all Events.  Ghana and Nigeria are my favorite fashionistas so far. I love Both Nigerian and Ghanaian Fashion designs, they are so Creative and unique! Fashion is how we Express ourselves, through our unique specific designs and style trends.

When we wear Our African clothing, let’s not forget our beautiful set of African Designed accessories, as in Our Jewelry, Bags, and so on, to Complement our outfits.

Colors is everything when We Talk about African Fashion. The colors in our African Fashion designs and styles brings out the Beauty and creativity in our African clothing.

Our African Fashion creativity markets, are Growing each day and every Year, we as Africans are now beginning to appreciate our own and it is the right thing to do now, in order for the western world to also appreciate our own as well as we appreciate theirs.

Beauty is found in our creativity too, in both our Hair Styles and our Beauty Brand organic African Skin care Products.  Beauty organic Skincare Lotions and Creams made from Africa, are very rich in Healthy ingredients for a Healthy Glowing Beauty Skin and for all Body and Skin tone types, Black beauty, Brown skin, Fair and light skinned or Fair colored skin, Our African Beauty Brand Skincare Products are Made with natural ingredients and organic nutrients for a Healthy Beautiful natural Skin care tone.

As A Beauty and Hair Brand Products Ambassador and Beauty Brand Products influencer, I always love to advertise our own, African Made Beauty and also Hair care Products, in order to Promote our African markets to the western world.

Also, as A Fashion Brand Ambassador and a Fashion Brand influencer and also as A Fashion designer, I always love to advertise and Promote our African made designed styles to the western world for them to see our Unique and quality creative designs and Fashion styles. 

When we Look Good, We Feel Good. African Fashion Has become the latest Trend of Fashion across the world and we are loving it in all our different Events, celebrations and occasions.  African styles always give You an impression of Your favorite colors, your favorite style Trends and designs and it makes You feel comfortable and unique, When You wear it for Your special occasions and Events. 

African Fashion goes hand in hand with Our African culture and our Heritage.  We have different Tribes in Ghana and Nigeria as well, and within these tribes, we all have different unique cultures with different dialects of languages that we speak. Our unique African Continent is Filled with diverse cultural traditions and historical beautiful stories.

New Money Movie poster

Actually, the western world really needs to see, the True Beautiful side of Africa.  The Documentary videos of Seeing hungry children eating unhealthy Foods is not the Truth of Africa.  So, it is time to change the narrative of What our African continent is Truly about. We have beautiful cities and towns and Nations across the African continent.  We have Developed Businesses, Corporate and vocational Businesses, Across the African continent.

There is so much humor, and its quite funny to think that, some People still believe that Africans live on Trees and Sleep on Trees, in this modern world and age?

It is time, For the world to see the Beautiful side of Africa, especially in our African Films and African movies. I will like Everyone, Both Africans and Non-Africans to download the “Tophub” App, on Google Playstore and Apple Playstore and watch all African Films and movies on it at Affordable Prices. 

Our African movies, or African Films, Tells a lot about our African Fashion and our Great Exciting and educative African Films and movies.  In our African movies, Both Nigerian and African Movies, you will see a Great collection of African movies in Drama, Love, History, Family stories and comedy series and more exciting Stories for You to watch and see the uniqueness of the African People in the continent. 

African Fashion Trends and styles is something that You will see most, in our African Traditional movies especially and You will also hear the different Dialects and languages that we speak as well.

Africa is Such A Beautiful continent with Versatile And beautiful Fashion clothing and accessories.

Let’s continue to Appreciate our own inventions across the African continent, and that way the rest of the world will begin to celebrate our stories, our Fashion Trends, our Movies and more.


Best Regards,

Linda Nimakoh
Author: Linda Nimakoh
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