The Afrocentrics – Retail stores have evolved in brands and quality over the years in fashion clothing, hair styling brands and beauty cosmetics and accessories.  Most ladies, girls and women are always looking for something new on the market to try and purchase. So, like I mostly say, creativity is everything in quality and quantity in the fashion, beauty and hair industry. 

Retail fashion clothing stores, beauty retail stores, hair retail stores usually have sales days where prices are usually reduced in the stores and shops and even in wholesales, so that all other individuals who find the original prices of the products expensive to them, can equally go and purchase them at affordable prices.  Marketing strategies like this, helps your business and advertising of your products to be progressive and it will help the business grow in expansion as well.

The Afrocentrics - Fashion Store

Also, as a wholesaler or retailer of either a fashion clothing store, beauty cosmetics and beauty makeup stores/ accessories or hair products and hair retail stores, it is very important to keep purchasing the items or products that your customers usually ask for or frequently ask for, so that you are always receiving profits from your sales, because you only purchase the products and accessories that your customers want or need. Aside that, also always look out for other new quality brands and accessories, that your customers and clients will also love to purchase as well, that way, apart from the items or accessories or products and services that, they are already familiar with, they will always look out for new items and products of quality and classic brands to purchase as well.

Moreover, in every retail fashion stores and shops, in every hair retail stores and shops and in every beauty retail stores and shops, it is very important that you arrange your items and products accordingly in a well-organized manner or strategy, and also by labeling the products and items with their brand names and prices, from clothing wears, caps, hair, beauty products, underwear,  bras and panties, shorts, trousers, suits, shirts, jackets, jeans, hats, boots, footwears, sneakers, shoes, sandals, heels, slippers, night wears, night gowns, dinner gowns, dinner wears, pajamas, lingerie and more.

The Afrocentrics - Fashion Retail Store

So, ladies and women, no matter what you are selling in retail, when it comes to fashion costumes or clothing, beauty and hair, be well organized and let the arrangement of the products and items stands out. One of the things i have noticed when it comes to customer services is that, sometimes when individuals enter in to a store or a shop, they tend to find it very difficult to locate what they are looking for, so they keep going around the store or shop for a very long time before they finally get to the place where the products or items are located in the store or shop. Also, sometimes some might think what they are looking for is not in the store or in the shop. So, to make it easier for all customers and individuals to find whatever they want to purchase at the shop or the store, labeling the products and items with their brand names and prices is highly important.

Lastly, regular sales or frequent sales will always bring you more customers and clients who will be stable to always come to your shop or store to purchase something new that they will love as well and recommend your store or shop to other individuals as well and this way, the store or shop will keep expanding to other areas of the city, town or countries as well.  Always surprise your customers with something new and quality. This will keep them coming to the stores with other customers frequently.  Make the best out of every great unique idea that, you come up with to make your customers and clients happy and you will grow and expand with class and uniqueness.


Linda Nimakoh
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Fashion for Auditions in modeling shows, beauty pageants, films and movies, tv and radio media interviews, talent shows auditions in music and acting, requires a special kind of look, appearance and outfit, because first impressions are always very important! Most of the time, people are get to the audition grounds and place feeling so nervous even about whether they look right or they will answer the questions, they are being asked properly. Getting yourself well prepared in what you will wear and how you will wear it and feel confident and comfortable in it, whiles performing on stage is very important.  Whiles you are working on your talents, skills and gifts, consistently and persistently for perfection, you need to find out what will be the best outfit or attire for you to wear to attend, the audition, depending on what kind of audition, you will be attending. 

However, if you have not been given any specific dress code for the audition, then you will need to go in your best brand professional wear, for your audition, in your fashion modeling audition, beauty pageants contest auditions, music auditions, movies and films acting auditions, tv and radio media journalism auditions, dancing and singing auditions, comedy, sitcoms and short stories and more. What you wear to that first audition, and how confident and comfortable you are in them and how well prepared you will perfect your talents, skills and gifts, determines how successful you will be and be chosen on that day through your first impression to the judges.


your big first day audition should be very impressive! If you are auditioning for a fashion runway modeling or beauty pageant modeling, or films and movies acting, tv and radio, then you need to wear something very casual, light, uniquely stylish and classy, but at the same time, very professional, no shabby dressing! Feel comfortable, confident and elegant when you approach the judges. Feel free in your spirit and within yourself, and don’t think too much of how you might get certain things or certain questions wrong.  Be very positive, it will create a positive atmosphere around you and you will not feel any nervousness even if you are not so sure about the answers that you are giving to your audience!


One of things confidence does for everyone, both women and men is that, it brings out the best in you when you are still not even sure about your performance whiles on stage. Just give out your best in what you will say and do on what you have already being practicing consistently and persistently whiles you were preparing for the audition. Let your confidence shine within yourself in what you will say, what you will do and how you will do it with excellence and unique skills. Always remember that, your uniqueness is what makes you stand out of the crowd! The difference you bring to the table on your first audition is what will move you to the next level of that great audition! Do not miss out in trying new creative ways in doing things in your talents, gifts and skills. That is how you find your unique special inabilities that, sets you apart from the crowd! You have something very special in you, that only you, can do it in a very unique different way! Find it today through your creativity and passion and make a difference through your talents, skills and gifts in the next audition, that you will be attending to get you in to a great career of passion and creativity! There is nothing more wonderful and fulfilling, than doing something that you love with so much passion as a lifetime career or profession! Be determined to excel in all your talents, gifts and skills, through which your potentials will be established! Ladies and gentlemen, wear your outfit with elegance and confidence and be uniquely stylish and creative with it! Get some learning skills from your talents mentors and watch how they dress and follow the professional trend on what you are to wear and how you are to wear what you want to wear, and compliment your dressing with the right casual beautiful unique accessories to look your very best on your first impression day! Your success is in your preparation! Prepare well in your talents and skills and put out your best quality performance out there on that day!

Remember to Dress, How You want to be addressed!

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Fashion modeling runway shows and beauty pageantry or pageants are the top marketing strategies and places to advertise fashion trends, fashion clothing, fashion styles and beauty cosmetics and beauty makeup cosmetics and beauty body care, skin care products and hair care products. 

Professional models branding is very important in marketing and advertising fashion costumes, fashion clothing and beauty cosmetics and accessories.  Every model is supposed to have a brand in their portfolio and their unique personalities. The advertising agencies work hand in hand and together with the modeling management agencies. So, most advertising of brand products are usually done by professional models in fashion and beauty, for the brand products to sell very well.  These models are trained on how to advertise and market the brand products and accessories as brand influencers and brand ambassadors for several industries and businesses and companies in fashion, beauty, hair and other brand accessories.

Beauty and Fashion Model

Moreover, every model needs to have a professional branding training in their specialty in order to pick up contracts and projects that are in line with their best specialty, to give their best services to clients and customers that they encounter either in the fashion industry, beauty industry and other brands as well.  So, what kind of model will you like to be?

Some models have their specialty in fashion runway shows, some have their specialty in beauty pageantry or beauty pageant shows, some models are advertising photography models, some models are also bill board advertising brand products models, some models are social media advertising models, some models are also brand creativity and beauty and fashion brand models for clothing or costumes and beauty cosmetics or products.

The Afrocentrics - Oliviasandra Chuma

There are also digital fashion and beauty magazine bloggers who are also models, who advertise brand products for clients and industries in fashion and beauty through writing articles about the product through creative writing, for the product to sell, when readers read about it. So as a female model or a male model, you need to pick up a unique specialty in which field of modeling management professional field, you will like to work in and organize it with your portfolio very uniquely on every platform, with very quality unique professional modeling pictures and photography contents with details of your specific specialty. That way, you will be able to connect with the right industries in fashion, beauty and other industries with your brands and excel in your business contracts and give out your very best in your services to the clients and customers.

Professional models in all fields helps a lot in marketing and advertising in fashion and beauty. Beauty brand ambassadors and fashion brand ambassadors and influencers are hitting the market with great impact and it has helped the fashion and beauty industry to grow rapidly in this modern generation of more talents, skills, gifts and creativity. 

Fashion and beauty have come to stay forever! Professional branding is the new thing on the market now to make incredible impact and progress in the fashion and beauty industry.  The uniqueness of many fashion designers and stylists has created many beautiful and elegant styles in beautiful colors and designs on the market.  Advertising and commercials in online marketing and media marketing has also enlarged the beauty and fashion industry. 

The different sets of creativity on the market makes you want to know and find out what new fashion trends, costumes and styles or clothing are new out there yet or what new brands of designers are out there now, we just love to wear something new all the time and it makes us feel good and special! Everyone will agree that, changing your wardrobe is always a happy moment for both ladies and gentlemen! Find something new and stylish with versatile creativity designs and accessories to wear all the time and get a new look in every season! Feel your best in what you wear at all times!

Remember to Dress, How You want to be addressed!

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Fashion Styling in Music, Films, Movies, TV, Radio and Media is Very Important.

Fashion Styling is needed as an elegant compliment for All the fields of industries. Fashion costumes styling in music helps to express the concept and the content of the music, whether it is a gospel music, gospel RnB, gospel reggae, gospel cools or gospel worship.

your outfits in your music videos expresses the quality brand, and quality videography of your music brand video, with choreography dancers also in their matching designed costumes styling with the leader of the song, to create a difference of uniqueness to both the song’s performance,  the meaning of the song, and the expression of the song to the audience, listeners or viewers.

Fashion styling in music and radio
Fashion in movies

Branding is everything when it comes to quality! Also, fashion costumes styling in films, movies, tv and radio personalities are also supposed to be well dressed with presentable outfits in their movies, films, journal news casting workplaces, actors and actresses acting fields and acting sets for movies and films. These screen performers and personalities are to be dressed with well styled costumes and outfits, which shows their professionalism in their work, either in African fashion costumes or foreign exotic costumes styles and trends designs. When it comes to tv, radio, films, movies and media, people usually look at what they are wearing, before, they watch what they are doing or listen to what they are saying. So, fashion costumier stylists are highly needed, for tv, radio and media personalities, journalists, news casters and presenters to look well dressed and styled and presentable with elegance and class in their work field.
Also, in films and movie, fashion costumier and stylings for the actors and actresses is highly needed, to reflect the actor’s performance or roles or actress performance and role in the film or movie.

Personalities are unique by what they wear and how they wear their clothing brands and fashion styling or costumes. Fashion is a big thing in making a difference in our entire entertainment industries and it has also evolved over the years.
As fashion costumes stylist and fashion costumiers and designers are on the rise in this modern generation, there is surely going to be massive impact of the fashion industry in the entertainment community or society. Fashion is really how we express ourselves!

Remember to Dress, How You want to be addressed!

Linda Nimakoh
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Seasons do really determine what we wear in fashion! During summer time in Africa, or anywhere in the western world, it is more comfortable wearing sunglasses and sunshades to protect your eyes from the sun, and to wear light weight comfortable clothes with bright colors to complement its beauty and elegance in the summer weather season. Summer weather is quite a hot weather, and so apart from the sunglasses, you need to wear hats and caps too, to protect eyes, your head and forehead and face from the scorching sun, to protect your skin from sun skin exposure irritations and to compliment your dress, shorts, trousers, pants, sleeveless tops, short sleeve shirts, jeans shorts, camo shorts, slippers, down shoes, and all casual light clothes with bright colors for the summer season for both ladies and gentlemen.


 Summer is a time to get fresh air, dress fabulously and uniquely with stylish looks for all events and occasions! Enjoy the fresh warm air and breeze with your fabulous summer fashion trends clothing, stylish accessories and fashionable designed costumes! Summer light colors like light gold yellow which expresses royalty, purple and violet which expresses royalty too, passion red which expresses love, white which expresses love, purity and bridal wear, orange which is elegant in sight, sea blue color which expresses nature, cream color and more lighter colors in lighter texture clothes to feel more comfortable, in it, indoors and outdoors!


During the rainy season, the weather is very cold, so it is best to wear heavy weight clothes with darker colors and accessories to compliment your dressing! The weather becomes cold and cloudy throughout the rainfall season in Africa and also in the diaspora or in the western world! So, it is best to get warm heavier clothes with darker colors, like dark brown, coffee color, burgundy, black, deep blue, and other beautiful darker colors in heavy texture warm clothes to feel warm and comfortable in the rainy weather season. Get your designed sweaters, socks, cardigans coats, blazers, sneakers, canvas and jeans jackets to keep yourself warm and comfortable and cozy in the rainy season!



The harmattan season is the dry season, and foggy season, especially in the African continent, when most people’s skin and lips become very dry and pale, so it is important use the right skin and body care moisturizers to moisturize your skin, to keep it glowing and fresh, still in the harmattan season! During the harmattan season too, it’s best to wear warm clothes and more heavier clothes like the rainy season, like sweaters, cardigans, long sleeve shirts, socks, coats, jackets, jeans, baggy pants, baggy jeans, sneakers, canvas, down shoes, and warmer footwears and put on more covered up clothes, to keep yourself warm, cozy and comfortable!

So, ladies and gentlemen, check out your wardrobes, to make the right choices for each season for your fashion costumes, fashion wears and fashion styling with designed accessories! Look your best, and feel your best in every season, beautiful ladies and handsome men!

Remember to Dress, How You want to be addressed!

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Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the Beholder!

Beauty and Fashion should always blend.  When it comes to Quality Brand Beauty Skincare, Beauty makeup and Fashion Costumier, or Fashion Clothing trends, we don’t only look out for the outfits or Gowns, the Beauty Skin care Routine, Beauty Makeups and The Body Spa Healthy care in Fitting well in Your Beautiful outfits and Giving the Body, a Good healthy Spa Treatment is highly important. 

A Beautiful and Healthy Skin, Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Body Looks very attractive and Glows in every Elegant Costumes, Gowns, Dresses with its Quality Brand Beautiful accessories to match up perfectly with it, For Every woman, African or Non-African. Your Beauty Skincare Routine, should be a daily Routine, on using Quality Brand Organic Beauty skin care Products for Your type of Skin or Skin tone. So, whether, you are Dark, Brown Skinned, Fair or light Skinned, Chocolate color tone or white Skin color, you should Always Use the right Skin tone Beauty organic Healthy Products for Your skin, which contains organic Beauty ingredients for A Healthy Natural Glowing Skin, for both Your Beauty Skincare Routine Treatments and Your Beauty Face Makeups treatments.

 A Daily Beauty Treatment, begins with Your cleanser and Your face towel, Your Face Washing liquid or Regular soaps, your face oil and face moisturizer to Prevent Dry face reactions, Pimples or other Skin irritations. But all These should be done with Quality organic Brand Beauty Cosmetics and Products.  When You take very Good care of Your Skin and Body, you feel healthy, look healthy and You look Good and fit Good and well and happy in every Gorgeous Gowns or outfits.  Spa Beauty Body care is very important for every Woman, especially Fashion and Beauty models. That’s where You are able to Relax the Body through Healthy Body massage and is relieved from every kind of Body stress, Fatigue, Tiredness, to Receive Energy and Strength back from all the Daily Routines and Agendas. Also, in the Beauty Spa, Apart from Receiving healthy body massage Therapy, you will also receive Pedicure and Manicure care or services for Your Healthy Toe nails care and finger nails care, either You will go for the French white nails or Acrylic Painted Nails, let it look fabulous with Your choice of colors, Plain colors or with Glitter colors, Red, Pink, Purple, cream, Yellow, the choice is Yours!

When it comes to Beauty Makeups, for dressing up with any Fabulous and Gorgeous outfits, Gowns and costumes for any occasion or Events, like weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries, and other special occasions or Even Fashion and Beauty Pageantry Runways, pick up Your Beauty makeup colors according to the Colors or color of Your Fashion costumes or Fashion Clothing.  When Your Purple and Gold Gown or Dress or outfit Blends Attractively or Perfectly with Your Purple and Light-Yellow Makeups, or Glitter Beauty makeups of all colors and Shades of Collection of Quality brands, it Gives Your outlook Appearance, A Splendid and Gorgeous Look, you add a touch of meaning to Your complete Dressing! You Give it A Difference of class and Uniqueness, together with Your beautiful colorful accessories, like Earrings, Necklaces, Bangles, Watches, Bracelets and other beautiful accessories.

Beauty and fashion

Always Feel confident and Good in Your skin and in Your body, no matter what size You are and what kind of Body type You have! One of my Biggest Priority in Empowering women, is to help them, have self confidence in themselves, for them to have high self esteem in themselves and Believe that, they are Naturally beautiful, and everything else like Beauty cosmetics and Gorgeous clothes, also compliments their Personality. My Priority is to reach out a Beauty word to every woman, African or Non-African, that, “You are very Beautiful, Just the way You are, and Let everything beautiful in Beauty and Fashion, compliment You, and wear it and use it, with confidence! Be comfortable in Your Skin and Believe in Your uniqueness, you are a special Beauty with a difference! 

Every woman’s Hair care or Hair upkeep is very important for her, And even for Men, as well. As Women, our hair is a Number one Priority on our Beauty routine checklists.  So, Whether You Prefer, Your Natural Hair, You Prefer Hair Braids, Hair weaves, Hair weavons or Hair caps, Get any type of Your choice for any occasion or Events. You could choose to Get the Curly Hair wigs or weaves, The Straight Hair wigs or weaves, the dark, Red or brown or any other colors of weaves, long or short to match Perfectly with Your outfits, Gowns or Dresses, African wears or Exotic Wears or Clothing, with Your designed and stylish accessories like Hair Ribbons, Hair Ties, Hair Bonnets, Hair Bands and other Hair Decorative or creative Hair Accessories to Match Perfectly with Your outfits, Gowns, or Dresses.

Remember your Dressing from Head to toe should always give an impression of uniqueness and elegance and a Unique memory, in every occasion or Event. It should always bring out something different to the outlook of the attire, Gown or Dress. “Dress how You want to be Addressed “!

Linda Nimakoh
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African fashion costumes from the African continent and across the world have evolved along the years.  Colors has a lot to do with both African fashion costumes and western world fashion costumes.

In Fashion costumes, Fashion Designs and Fashion styles, a unique collection of your choice of colors in every costume or clothing, is what brings out the elegance and uniqueness of the costume or fashion clothing.  Blending the right colors together in your wears and outfits, will always give you a new outlook of Class and uniqueness of the reflection of the costumes or fashion styles or fashion clothing.


Colors in all shades blends together to create and make a beautiful costume, gown, dress or outfit.

Let’s talk about how to choose and Blend colors in Fashion with excellence and uniqueness. 

As a fashion designer, a fashion brand influencer, a fashion stylist and a fashion costumier, I see the uniqueness of Fashion in colors of styles, trends and designs in both African fashion costumes and western world Fashion costumes and Styles. 

Dark colors compliments light colors in clothing styles and trends.  colors like deep blue or light blue or royal purple will blend and match perfectly with golden yellow or bright sunflower yellow color in a clothing style or fashion designs. Both colors represent royalty and honor, for all occasions and events.  red represents passion, love, romance and affection. Red will match perfectly with white, white represents purity, love, emotional, and is usually used for wedding gowns, and Love and marriage ceremonies and Celebrations, so it blends perfectly with passion red in clothing and fashion costumes and fashion styles. Wine color, cream color, which is also used for bridal celebrations or burgundy color will also blend perfectly together, for bridal events and all other occasions.

Colors in Fashion

Pink, green, orange, violet, cream, velvet will match perfectly with black, and white will blend perfectly with black, for all occasions, corporate or regular celebrations. There is a saying that, every Lady, has a little black date dress, although, it might not be every lady’s favorite, but black is a versatile color which blends and matches up with every color, yellow with blend with black, polka dot black and white will be perfect for every occasion or events.

Casual wears like blue jeans or black jeans for women and men, will blend together with white designed t-shirts, polo shirts, or any casual designed color sleeveless shirts or full-size shirts. 

Clothing in fabrics or materials like lace, African textiles, Ghana Kente textile, chiffon, nylon, cotton, polyester or tie and dye always needs quality blended colors to bring out the elegance, beauty, light, creativity and uniqueness in it. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, the next time, you are planning for that special love date, bridal celebrations, birthdays celebrations, anniversaries of marriage engagements and weddings and all kinds of events and occasions, always feel confident and comfortable in your outfits, and let your confidence reflect in the beauty and elegance of the outfit or clothes that you are wearing.  When you wear an outfit or clothing, feeling uncomfortable and not so confident in it, the outlook of the outfit does not reflect the touch of elegance and beauty, because the Person wearing it, feels uncomfortable in it and therefore, She or he is not able to portray the clothing or outfit in a gorgeous way through the outfit. 

African Fashion

So, to All my ladies and gentlemen, and to All my runway fashion and beauty pageantry models as well, colors should add something new, beautiful, and a unique difference in Your outfit, gowns or dresses, shirts, jeans, jumpsuits, jumpers, pants, polo shirts, office shirts, professional suits, corporate suits, stylish coats, jeans coats, leather coats, winter jackets, cardigans, sweaters and so on.

Accessories always complete your outfits, no matter which kind of event or occasion, you are planning to do, accessories from jewelry, to belts, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, watches, chains, designed rings, hair ribbons, men’s ties or bowties, ladies Handbags, gents’ wallets, ladies’ heels and shoes, gentleman’s shoes for all events and so on.

African fashion costumes are perfect for all occasions and events, either professional, casual or bridal celebrations.  “African Fashion, Creativity at it’s best “ “Remember to dress how You want to be Addressed”


Linda Nimakoh
Author: Linda Nimakoh
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Fashion and Beauty Pageantry or Fashion and Beauty Runway Shows are organized for Young ladies across the world to reveal and discover their Purposes, their Talents, Skills and Gifts to use their unique Personalities to make A difference in the lives of other Women and Ladies across the world. 

Miss World Beauty Pageant

There a Beautiful And a unique Gift, Skill and Talent in Every Lady and woman out there. As A Brand Fashion and Beauty Pageant And Runway Host, of Versatile African Pageantry or Beauty Queens Pageantry , My Aim behind every Pageant is For The ladies or Selected Beauty and Fashion Queens, is for them to discover Their Purposes, their creative Talents, Gifts, Skills, Aspirations through their unique Personalities in making a Difference in their Societies, their communities and Nations worldwide, by Empowering other Women and Ladies across the world or the Globe to Build A Timeless Legacy for the next Generation of Great Women. 

Every Fashion and Beauty Pageantry must have A Unique Purpose and Vision behind it, to build and make A Permanent Difference in the Lives of Women, and also in the Fashion and Beauty industry. Women in Fashion and Beauty, are Women of Creativity and Uniqueness and through them, the Fashion and Beauty Brand industries have Evolved to become better and better over the Years.

Fashion and Beauty Pageantry Should Portray more than Just having A Pretty face, but rather, these Beautiful ladies and Women, being able to use their intelligence and their uniqueness to make a difference in other Women’s lives and destinies and also make a difference in their communities, Societies and Nations worldwide in building Great Legacies of women Empowerment movements and Projects across their Societies, their communities and their Nations worldwide. 

A Lot Ladies across the world lacks self confidence and Positive Self Esteem, but if These Fashion and Beauty Pageantries across the World in both the African Continent, in the Diaspora and the western world, is being Prioritized in Building these Young Ladies and women to become Great Women of Great Examples of Excellence, Success, intelligence and unique Beauty, in building their self confidence and self esteem, then We will have more Fashion and Beauty Queens, making Headways and Opening Unique Paths of Timeless Legacies through their Purpose, Skills, Talents , unique qualities and their unique beautiful Personalities as well. Also, these Pageantries will Grow from one unique movement of value to the other, through the Permanent unique Purpose and Vision behind it. The Vision and The Purpose behind Every Pageantry will Give it a Timeless and a unique Future!

African Fashion in Various African Fashion and Beauty Pageantry always creates so much uniqueness and class to the models’ Fashionable costumes, Dresses, Gowns, outfits and Various African styles and Trends Branded Accessories. African Fashion and Beauty Queens are uniquely Dressed in Quality Brand African Style and Fashion Costumes during the Pageantry, to exhibit our Unique African clothing, Styles and costumes Trends of Timeless Quality Fabrics, materials and accessories. 

In Most African Pageantries too, there are Unique Tasks and Projects given to the Beauty and Fashion Queens, selected for the Pageantry, to reveal their unique Personalities and their unique talents, Gifts, Skills and Purposes, in bringing out the Best in them. They exhibit their unique Tribal cultural values and Talents in the Pageant, and the Best Personalities of Queens wins the Pageant awards.

Miss Nigeria USA
Miss Nigeria USA

In the western world Fashion and Beauty Pageantry and Runways, The Exotic Style or western world foreign fashion Runway Pageantry or Pageants is quite different, but still uniquely Empowering to Young Ladies and Women across the world.  The Exotic and Foreign Quality Brand Fashion Designers and stylists in the western world also brings something new of creativity and elegance to their Runways and Pageantry. 

African ladies across the world, you are all destined to Be A Beauty and Fashion Queen of Purpose and A Timeless Legacy! Be Confident in Yourself, be confident in Your Skin and Believe in Yourself, you can achieve Anything! Remember to dress how You want to be Addressed!

AUTHOR; Linda Nimakoh

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Traditional African Marriage Ceremonies are never Complete without a taste of Quality Brand African Fashion costumes, Dresses or Gowns of Unique and Beautiful colors and designs of Unique styles and trends. Fashion in Africa, keeps Evolving Each Year and in this Unique Generation of Versatile Quality Brand Creative Fashion stylists and Fashion Designers in the African continent and across the World or the Globe.

Love and Fashion
Mixed race couple all loved up at their African traditional marriage ceremony

Love, they say, is a Beautiful Thing! African Traditional Engagements and weddings Events or ceremonies, makes Love look more Beautiful! African Marriage ceremonies, Both Ghanaian Marriage ceremonies and Nigerian Marriage ceremonies Events are so Colorful and Beautiful in sight with unique cultural values, unique African Fashion Fabrics and materials, which compliments the Events and occasions with so much class and Elegance! In African Marriage ceremonies, our unique Clothing and Fashion costumes and African unique accessories are on our top lists for a unique Fashionable outlook for both couples on their Big day of celebration.

African groom and his grooms men
African groom and his grooms men show off their style, on his traditional wedding day.

The African cultural Dances, and other customs of value, during the traditional Engagement marriage ceremonies, where the traditional marital rites begins, the Groom and his family Gives out the lists of Marital items to the Bride and the Bride’s family as her Bride price or Dowry and Bridal items and accessories requested for approval of His marriage to the Bride. This Traditional marital rite is done as a custom and a value of Our Tradition and our Timeless culture. This Traditional celebration is done in a beautiful unique decorated setting or Place of Elegance and uniqueness to fit this Beautiful African marriage ceremony.  When we talk about beautiful unique Memorable celebrations of Honor and Royalty, the Place for it, is Africa.  Royalty started in Africa, Great kings and Queens Emerged from Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and other African countries in the African continent. Royalty is Africa! The African continent is a unique continent on its own with a unique heritage and Timeless Histories and Great Stories of Timeless Legacies. Even Festivals of different Tribes and cultural backgrounds also tells a Story about The People’s culture and their values as well.

Traditional African Marriages and Traditional Bridal and Groom Events and occasions always reflect a Timeless Experience and Memory of Quality African customs and Values of a Timeless Heritage and Quality African cultural History and Values.

The African People in the African continent, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Gambia, Kenya, and other Parts of the African continent, Have so many unique values and timeless Traditional customs in their way of Life or Lifestyle and in Fashion as well.

Nigerian Traditional Marriage
Nigerian couple looking fabulous on their traditional wedding day

Africa is Also A unique continent for Tourism and Unique Celebrations of Honor, Peace and Royalty.  The African Continent and our African History reflects so much Unique and Diverse Great Legacies in our values. Both in African weddings, engagements, naming ceremonies, anniversaries, and more always have a touch of Pure African Fashionable Costumes, Clothing, outfits, Gowns of Elegance and uniqueness, especially in the combination of colors, designs and styles. If You are Looking for Quality Fashion styles and costumes, don’t look too far, look for it in the African continent, they have the Best unique Fabrics, colors, designs, styles and Timeless quality Brand fashionable African clothing to offer You. Fashion is Purely Africa! Celebrate Your Love season and Your True Love with Pure African Fashionable designs and styles, whether You are celebrating Your Love Proposals celebrations with Your Future Partner or You are walking in to Your engagement marriage ceremony and Wedding marriage ceremony, don’t do it without a taste of The Quality Brand African Fashion costumes and fabrics, It will add a unique class and Timeless experience and uniqueness to Your occasion and Events.

Fashion is Truly Africa! When Love meets Fashion, A Fragrance of Beauty and Elegance is Revealed!


Linda Nimakoh
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Hello Beautiful and Lovely People, It is said, that Beautiful People are happy People. Beauty is also found in the eyes of the Beholder.

African Fashion is Unique and Beautiful in its colors and designs.

Fashion is Africa! I have seen a lot of Fashion Trends across the world, But African designed creative designs either in regular casual wears and occasional wears for different events, are Just so different and so beautiful! Fashion is something, that Africans are Experts of in all Events.  Ghana and Nigeria are my favorite fashionistas so far. I love Both Nigerian and Ghanaian Fashion designs, they are so Creative and unique! Fashion is how we Express ourselves, through our unique specific designs and style trends.

When we wear Our African clothing, let’s not forget our beautiful set of African Designed accessories, as in Our Jewelry, Bags, and so on, to Complement our outfits.

Colors is everything when We Talk about African Fashion. The colors in our African Fashion designs and styles brings out the Beauty and creativity in our African clothing.

Our African Fashion creativity markets, are Growing each day and every Year, we as Africans are now beginning to appreciate our own and it is the right thing to do now, in order for the western world to also appreciate our own as well as we appreciate theirs.

Beauty is found in our creativity too, in both our Hair Styles and our Beauty Brand organic African Skin care Products.  Beauty organic Skincare Lotions and Creams made from Africa, are very rich in Healthy ingredients for a Healthy Glowing Beauty Skin and for all Body and Skin tone types, Black beauty, Brown skin, Fair and light skinned or Fair colored skin, Our African Beauty Brand Skincare Products are Made with natural ingredients and organic nutrients for a Healthy Beautiful natural Skin care tone.

As A Beauty and Hair Brand Products Ambassador and Beauty Brand Products influencer, I always love to advertise our own, African Made Beauty and also Hair care Products, in order to Promote our African markets to the western world.

Also, as A Fashion Brand Ambassador and a Fashion Brand influencer and also as A Fashion designer, I always love to advertise and Promote our African made designed styles to the western world for them to see our Unique and quality creative designs and Fashion styles. 

When we Look Good, We Feel Good. African Fashion Has become the latest Trend of Fashion across the world and we are loving it in all our different Events, celebrations and occasions.  African styles always give You an impression of Your favorite colors, your favorite style Trends and designs and it makes You feel comfortable and unique, When You wear it for Your special occasions and Events. 

African Fashion goes hand in hand with Our African culture and our Heritage.  We have different Tribes in Ghana and Nigeria as well, and within these tribes, we all have different unique cultures with different dialects of languages that we speak. Our unique African Continent is Filled with diverse cultural traditions and historical beautiful stories.

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Actually, the western world really needs to see, the True Beautiful side of Africa.  The Documentary videos of Seeing hungry children eating unhealthy Foods is not the Truth of Africa.  So, it is time to change the narrative of What our African continent is Truly about. We have beautiful cities and towns and Nations across the African continent.  We have Developed Businesses, Corporate and vocational Businesses, Across the African continent.

There is so much humor, and its quite funny to think that, some People still believe that Africans live on Trees and Sleep on Trees, in this modern world and age?

It is time, For the world to see the Beautiful side of Africa, especially in our African Films and African movies. I will like Everyone, Both Africans and Non-Africans to download the “Tophub” App, on Google Playstore and Apple Playstore and watch all African Films and movies on it at Affordable Prices. 

Our African movies, or African Films, Tells a lot about our African Fashion and our Great Exciting and educative African Films and movies.  In our African movies, Both Nigerian and African Movies, you will see a Great collection of African movies in Drama, Love, History, Family stories and comedy series and more exciting Stories for You to watch and see the uniqueness of the African People in the continent. 

African Fashion Trends and styles is something that You will see most, in our African Traditional movies especially and You will also hear the different Dialects and languages that we speak as well.

Africa is Such A Beautiful continent with Versatile And beautiful Fashion clothing and accessories.

Let’s continue to Appreciate our own inventions across the African continent, and that way the rest of the world will begin to celebrate our stories, our Fashion Trends, our Movies and more.


Best Regards,

Linda Nimakoh
Author: Linda Nimakoh
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