If my return gets validated, how and when will I get my refund?

Refund process begins after we have completed the evaluation of your returned product. See information about our refund timelines. We will send you an email notification once return examination is completed.

To process your refund quickly, please note that all refunds will be processed into the account used for the purchase, except for vouchers.

Payment methodsRefund methods
CashThe account used for purchase on www.theafrocentrics.com
Refund VoucherVoucher
Debit Card The account used for purchase on www.theafrocentrics.com

I cannot see my refund but got an email with the subject Refund withdrawal?

If you do not get a credit alert from your bank, we advise that you check your account balance to be certain. However, if you notice it’s a fraudulent act or you have confirmed that not transaction was made to your account by COAJ MEDIA, please contact us by filling our web form.

What is a refund voucher?

The Afrocentrics Refund Voucher can be chosen as a refund method. The value is equal to the amount of the product purchased.
You can use The Afrocentrics Refund Voucher as voucher code to buy any item. A refund voucher is valid for 180 days you need to use your voucher during this period. This refund voucher can be used on several purchases, until your balance is 0.

How do I use my voucher?

If you have been issued an Afrocentrics Refund Voucher, you will have received a voucher number.
Please enter this voucher number in the voucher code box and click “add voucher” during checkout at payment step. A corresponding deduction will be applied to your total amount.

If my returned product is not validated for refund, how do I get informed?

If your return is invalid then we will contact you to explain the issue and send the item(s) back to you. We will arrange the delivery of the item.

Note that you will be responsible for the return of your product, however we will be available to guide you through the process.

I have bought an item on promotion or with a voucher. What amount will you refund me?

For items purchased on sale, the amount refunded will be the exact amount paid, and not its original value.

For example: If you purchased an item on sale for N2,000 and its original value was N4,000, we will refund you N2,000.

If you purchased an item with a Refund voucher, we will refund you the sum of the amount you paid and the amount of the Afrocentrics refund voucher.

Do I also get refunded the shipping charge when returning a product?

Yes, the refunded amount will also include the shipping amount you were charged.

Refund Timeline:

The refund time starts from the day we confirm that the item is on it’s way to us, to the day the refund process is completed.
Note: If the reason for returning an item cannot be validated, such item will be redelivered to you and a refund will not be processed.