Seasons do really determine what we wear in fashion! During summer time in Africa, or anywhere in the western world, it is more comfortable wearing sunglasses and sunshades to protect your eyes from the sun, and to wear light weight comfortable clothes with bright colors to complement its beauty and elegance in the summer weather season. Summer weather is quite a hot weather, and so apart from the sunglasses, you need to wear hats and caps too, to protect eyes, your head and forehead and face from the scorching sun, to protect your skin from sun skin exposure irritations and to compliment your dress, shorts, trousers, pants, sleeveless tops, short sleeve shirts, jeans shorts, camo shorts, slippers, down shoes, and all casual light clothes with bright colors for the summer season for both ladies and gentlemen.


 Summer is a time to get fresh air, dress fabulously and uniquely with stylish looks for all events and occasions! Enjoy the fresh warm air and breeze with your fabulous summer fashion trends clothing, stylish accessories and fashionable designed costumes! Summer light colors like light gold yellow which expresses royalty, purple and violet which expresses royalty too, passion red which expresses love, white which expresses love, purity and bridal wear, orange which is elegant in sight, sea blue color which expresses nature, cream color and more lighter colors in lighter texture clothes to feel more comfortable, in it, indoors and outdoors!


During the rainy season, the weather is very cold, so it is best to wear heavy weight clothes with darker colors and accessories to compliment your dressing! The weather becomes cold and cloudy throughout the rainfall season in Africa and also in the diaspora or in the western world! So, it is best to get warm heavier clothes with darker colors, like dark brown, coffee color, burgundy, black, deep blue, and other beautiful darker colors in heavy texture warm clothes to feel warm and comfortable in the rainy weather season. Get your designed sweaters, socks, cardigans coats, blazers, sneakers, canvas and jeans jackets to keep yourself warm and comfortable and cozy in the rainy season!



The harmattan season is the dry season, and foggy season, especially in the African continent, when most people’s skin and lips become very dry and pale, so it is important use the right skin and body care moisturizers to moisturize your skin, to keep it glowing and fresh, still in the harmattan season! During the harmattan season too, it’s best to wear warm clothes and more heavier clothes like the rainy season, like sweaters, cardigans, long sleeve shirts, socks, coats, jackets, jeans, baggy pants, baggy jeans, sneakers, canvas, down shoes, and warmer footwears and put on more covered up clothes, to keep yourself warm, cozy and comfortable!

So, ladies and gentlemen, check out your wardrobes, to make the right choices for each season for your fashion costumes, fashion wears and fashion styling with designed accessories! Look your best, and feel your best in every season, beautiful ladies and handsome men!

Remember to Dress, How You want to be addressed!

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